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Yes, I'm The Bride. Who Are You?

I have a confession to make.  I have not been planning/dreaming of my wedding since I was six years old.  There are no scrapbooks, files, dog-eared wedding magazines from the ‘80’s.  The first and only time I made any kind of...

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The Art of Patience

When I was a kid, people were always telling me to ‘have patience’.  I thought it was some kind of gift, one that I’m still waiting for.  And I’m not good with waiting. Well, that’s not necessarily true.   There’s a part of me...

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No Love in an Elevator

Someone got stuck in our lift yesterday.  No, it wasn’t me. Unlike other buildings I’ve lived in, the engineers  came out quite quickly, and it was working again almost before I knew it was gone. People have actually...

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One Umbrella Flying in the Rain

I like my rain like I like my snow.  Drumming on the roof and trailing down the windows while I read a book and sip hot chocolate.  Candles optional.  Marshmallows mandatory. I can’t drive in rain jackets.  They flap about...

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You talkin' to me?

I went to an interview type thing today.  This involved wearing something that isn’t a sweatshirt and getting on the bus. Now, regular readers will know that I am newish to this city.  And not the best with directions.  I travel...

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