And so, Mom was here for three weeksish.  She’s back now, and returned to the coldest day on record.  Sorry, Ma.

We managed all that togetherness without an argument.  Which hasn’t happened in like, ever.  Mom did get a chest infection and spent most of the time sleeping or watching British crime dramas.  On her IPad.  It was kinda surreal.

Also surreal was a Christmas dinner where my divorced parents didn’t fight, and I found a wine that doesn’t give me heartburn (rosé, if you’re taking notes.)


The photo above is me after wine, voluntarily wearing a hat my Mom made for me.  I hate hats, but that’s a good one.

So good, in fact, that I managed to talk Mom into making one for you.  Or you can have a gin/wine bottle mug cozy thing.

I’ll be doing a giveaway when I reach 5000 groovy subscribers on this here blog.

(At the time of writing this post, we are 60 groovy people away from 5K.)

Ways to win a hat/Mom-made thing of your choice:

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When 5K happens, I’ll pick someone at random (or get Isla to do it) and contact that person about their hat/other knitted item.

Some notes:

My mother is a knitting genius.

She doesn’t sell her stuff, but she should.

Some more notes:

More about me and the stuff I write about can be found here.

Coming up this week on the blog is a real talk post about my journey with anxiety, my experience of the lantern festival happening at Edinburgh Zoo, and my reading plans for the #unreadshelfproject2018.

Please stay tuned.

This is my first giveaway.  Make it fun.  Open internationally.  I’m in Scotland, Mom’s in NY, and the world is a small place.

Drawing will happen when I get to 5,000 subscribers.

Thank you!

PS.  Yes, that is my own hair.

PPS.  You look better in hats than I do.


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