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Day One, Again

13th August 2016

I’d lost track of how long I’ve been at this blogging thing.  But WordPress told me last week.  I’ve been writing at Gin & Lemonade for six years. Well. That makes me want to apologise that my last post before this was a muddy puddle.  But I won’t, because y’know, cute kid. Someone asked me recently how I was doing. ‘Yeah, she’s two.’ ‘I know,’ said my friend, in Edinburgh, on the phone, in a building where I used to…

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I Don't Get Work/Life Balance

26th September 2013

And so, I have a new day-job.  I mostly work from home.  More on that later. This is my official spiel: Lorna is a wheelchair-user, who travels extensively at home and abroad. She is an American who has lived in Scotland for 20 years, so she isn’t really sure where home is, though. She is fueled by coffee and creativity and is a recent convert to bubble tea. Her favourite travel experiences have included a solo Amtrak journey from New…

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Accessibility Disability Humor Life Travel

Do You Need A Vacation?

29th May 2013

Remember when this blog was about (in)accessibility, travel and life on wheels? It’s kinda morphed into a wedding-planning stress-fest, which still includes all of the above. Stick with me here. In the midst of writing emails, being poked with dress-pins and sometimes sobbing over song choices, I have been doing some work. I’m part of a website start-up which will focus on listing accessible travel accommodation for disabled people, with an opportunity to read/share reviews on such places, book from…

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Accessibility Disability Humor Life Travel Writing

My Island Diaries: Armadale, Skye

4th April 2013

Are We There Yet? I can’t say much about my third hair and make-up trial. Because y’know, my future husband reads this blog. But I will say: Jackpot! He’s a lucky man. After I slapped myself in the face with make-up remover, I let him back in the living-room. We were waiting to go to Skye for the week. Off to Dad and Anne’s new house. With a separate suitcase just for books. Dad called and said, ‘I’ll be there…

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Heels and steps, and other things…

11th August 2010

I’ve lived in Edinburgh a few months now,  and I’ve discovered a few things about myself, and the world. I like lists, and so in no particular order: The only thing I hate more than slow-walkers are slow-walkers who stop short.  On a hill.  In front of me.  Sometimes I can’t avoid nipping people’s heels, and I’ve developed a points system for when this happens.  50 points if they act like they don’t notice, 100 points if they say ‘ouch’,…

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