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My Wedding Dress, My Wheelchair, & Me

11th January 2019

When I was getting married, I only had a few must-haves for my wedding dress. 3. Wedding dress must not make me look like a giant cupcake and/or little girl playing dress up. 2. Wedding dress must be purple. And my number 1 on my wedding dress list: The dress and I had to both sit comfortably in my wheelchair at the same time. I had to wear the dress, the dress could not wear me. When I was growing…

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Accessibility Disability Humor

Disabled Parenting Problems: This Might Become A Series

6th January 2019

OK, so. You know when you’re in holiday mode and every day feels like a Sunday? You’re craving a piece of fruit, but you have a whole bag of Skittles instead? Your clothes are tight for no good reason, you’re getting back to your routine, and you’re feeling a little depressed? Hi. Who’s with me? Happy New Year. I previously declared that 2019 will be the year of Shenanigans. That’s still true, but it’s also the week of candy, and…

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The Christmas Cow & Year In Review

16th December 2018

Last week, Isla and I went to pick out our Christmas tree and sat in the car while my Dad played Clark Griswold and he and Anne fought over knots tying their tree and our tree to the roof. Over this one, over here, clap your hands, make a wish. Apparently, it is a military exercise, and it does have to be that complicated. I insisted on a fat tree, which I got. But it might be too big for…

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My Husband Told Me To Make A Spreadsheet

8th October 2018

I’m sitting here drinking my cup of coffee, flipping through some purple-inked pages in an actual marble composition book, trying to blog my way out of an afternoon slump. Edit: It’s now actually 8.50 at night. Dinner, a webinar, and Roald Dahl happened before I could finish this post. Time is weird. Hi. Who’s (still) with me? If you’re interested, here’s my daily routine. For real. Get up, tell Isla that it’s too cold to wear a dress, suggest she…

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Inspiration & Marriage Goals

12th September 2018

And so, last week I re-shared an old post about a day in my life as a disabled mother.  Because that’s my every day, it was an OK post, and it was Throwback Thursday. I know it might not be Thursday today, but stick with me. Within minutes, less time than it would take to actually read the post, I was re-shared with the comment, ‘So inspiring!’ Well, shit. For what? Did you actually read the post?’ What is it…

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