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It Was Nineteen Eighty-Something

9th November 2018

And so, I got two emails recently. One from a writer friend asking how NaNoWriMo is going, and one from another writer friend about a probably inaccessible writing retreat that promised to unleash my creativity. Well. I got news. My creativity is fine. I don’t need a writing retreat. What I need is a baby-sitter and a drink. And possibly someone to unplug the Netflix. Saying that, check out these 30 ways Netflix can improve your writing. And so, I’m…

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No Distance Over Dinner

26th October 2018

And so, this is literally the first chance I’ve had to sit down (pun may be intended) and write properly in two weeks. Or something. I should take a tape recorder on my travels. Isla has been off school for two weeks on sneaky Scottish school holidays that used to be for farming, and are now for nothing. But, we did stuff with those two weeks. There was a lot of riding shotgun for me. I love road trips. Listening…

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Never Panic-Buy A House

29th August 2018
photo of writing space in front of window

I moved to the country about three years ago. I was working through post-natal anxiety and maybe mistakenly thought that the fresh air would rattle my brain back to whatever normal is. (Normal is relative and over-rated) We first moved in with my family. My father wanted to be like The Waltons. But The Waltons is TV. Old TV.  (And I love my Dad, but I’ve learned that I also love reliable internet connections and family time that doesn’t involve…

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Coffee Talk

My Dear Aunt Lucy

11th June 2018

And so, I was quiet the last few weeks because I had no words. My Aunt Lucy died, and then it was her funeral. And I really wish teleporters were already a thing. I received word of her death on the way back from dropping Neil off at the ferry for his two weeks in the office. My Isla asked me, I swear, if I was crying ‘because Aunt Lucy’s in heaven.  Can we call her up?’ Kinda sorta. And…

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Marshmallows For Breakfast

13th February 2018

Over the weekend, the fam and I did an experiment.  We tried a road-trip to Inverness without the added interestingness of staying overnight somewhere. Our experiment garnered varying results. You knew that, right? Stick with me. It takes about two and a half hours to get to the thriving metropolis of Inverness from here. I put my morning coffee in my giant turquoise Starbucks travel mug and we piled in the car. Now. I have always encouraged Isla to be…

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