Stop Dreaming

16th November 2010

I used to be obsessed with my dreams.  I was the one who bought the books and looked up the themes and symbols.   I asked questions right before I went to bed hoping I’d find answers in dreams.   I wrote single words and even lists in the morning and weeks later had no idea what I was on about.  That state of confusion isn’t limited to dreams.

I don’t remember my dreams anymore.  Perhaps because a major one came true, and I’m awake and living it.  Or maybe the alarm kicks on every morning and douses the lights on the play in my head, before I can remember it.

Some questions are answered, some ghosts laid to rest.  There are new questions though.  What are we doing this weekend?  What will I write today?  Is there any beer?  These are important these days.  And that’s OK.

Maybe waking up and living just to live makes dreams happen, and makes room for others we didn’t know we had.

What did you dream last night?  What are you living today?

The Sky through the trees in Pisa, Italy.

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  • Reply Aunt Nancy 16th November 2010 at 6:54 pm

    I dream every night, but never remember them, Uncle Don will always tells me in the morning when I had a bad dream, as he is always afraid that I am angry with him, and I will get him in the middle of the night,
    I think you must remember, when we spent the night and Karin and Jims. Uncle Don and I were on the very top floor of the house, and you were down in the blue room. You told me you heard me yell, and you hoped everyone didn’t think it was you….. It really sounds like I don’t want to remember my dreams.
    I also sleep walk, I wake up and wonder where Uncle Don has put a guest, I may find them (in my sleep,) on the sofa , go get a blanket and cover them up. The guest is never there in the morning, but the blanket is.

    • Reply LKD 17th November 2010 at 11:33 pm

      Aunt Nancy, I think there’s a story or three in there somewhere! Love you!

  • Reply Delorfinde 16th November 2010 at 9:48 pm

    One day I wrote down a list of words, sort of headings, regarding my dream. Then, about two months later, I found them and couldn’t make head or tail of why I’d written it. Had I gone crazy? When I read them through again, I eventually worked out it had been my dream, and suddenly it all came back to me. Odd though.

    I’ve had lots of dreams and sometimes, I remember everything; other days, it fades as soon as I wake up.

  • Reply Carol 17th November 2010 at 5:08 am

    Rarely do I remember dreams anymore. I did remember a dream a couple of weeks ago. It was odd, but aren’t most of them. I remember years ago when someone asked me if I dreamed in color. That night I dreamed my mother got new turquoise shoes. Everything was in black and white except those shoes.

    And what am I living? A life I am very thankful to have, the best and happiest way I know how, with as much joy as possible.

  • Reply David 17th November 2010 at 4:20 pm

    I’m never really sure whether I want to remember my dreams. Sometimes I do, and I think ‘How do some writers use dreams as inspiration?’ I would be writing some really messed up stuff. I think I don’t remember my dreams now because there is too much going on in my life for my brain to handle it. Who knows?

    But, that said, it’s the too-much-going-on that excites me. Also, the chocolate cake.

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