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Love & Bubbles

I had words for today.  But then this photo happened, and then I decided there are no more words for today.  Just love and bubbles. Now, go read a book....

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These Are The Hands

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary.  If you’ve been following along you may know that Neil wasn’t actually home for it, but he’s back today.  And the house is happy again. Now.  I’m quite fond of...

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Well, We Kinda Did.

A conversation with Isla (not even, but nearly 3) had me in happy-tears yesterday. Isla: This snack is delicious. Me: What else is delicious? Isla: You are! Me: No, you are. Isla: But I made you. Me: I think you’ll find, I...

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I’ve wanted to update my About Me page for AGES.  Or four years.  Because somehow, I’m now 36.  Even stranger, my fiance has been my husband for nearly four years.  And the tiny human we made is now very tall and...

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Sometimes, It Hurts.

And so, after painting all the pictures and doing all the puzzles, Isla and I went out. We’ve paved around the house so we can have races and stuff, so there’s that. But we live on a hill. ‘Go over the stones...

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Line By Line

If we were having coffee, we’d be hiding in the kitchen while Isla counts the balls in her ball pit and Neil plays the shit out of Isla’s toy guitar. You’d be convincing me that I can write a mystery on a wharf...

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Isla's Mural

My best friend from Uni has been staying with us for the week.  She thinks she’s a physiotherapist, but she’s actually an artist. This mural appeared on Isla’s wall in two and a half days.  Acrylic, emulsion,...

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Dear Competition Judges

I’m writing to explain why I did not submit my story for your esteemed competition. It’s because I suck.  And because I have a toddler.  And because the story has only one line. ‘Whose idea was this?’...

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