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My Mother Has A Condition

9th April 2018

Our most recent family road-trip was a weekend in St. Andrews.  We were up with the birds on all the days. We actually loaded the car on Friday, after a coffee with my Dad in honor of my Grandma’s birthday, and I (humbly?) shouted from the blog-tops about the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards. Baked potatoes and cheese for breakfast on the road, which Isla and I actually paraded in front of cheese-phobic Neil.  (She may look like him, but she’s…

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London Book Haul

19th October 2017

Thought I’d share my book haul from London.  Because it is physically impossible for me to travel and not come back with books.  And penguin pillows.  Apparently. Book links are Book Depository affiliate links.  More about that here.  I’m aware that that post outlines a blogging schedule, and that today is actually Thursday.  Hi.  Take note of the title of the first book listed. Anything is Possible, Elizabeth Strout – I’ve been a little obsessed since I read my My…

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A London Weekend At The Twin Peaks UK Festival

14th October 2017

I kinda hate talking on the phone.  But I have this one friend who I’d like see every day, and we actually phone each other, on actual phones, something like once a month. My Lobsister Emma deserves her own post (*waves*), but for now I shall use our recent conversation as a prologue, if you will, to today’s post. Emma:  So, what are you guys up to just now? Me: Oh, just looking forward to the Twin Peaks UK Fest…

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Where Everybody Knows Your Name?

22nd August 2017

Hello! Picture it: A relaxed but working writer on her laptop in a coffeeshop.  Sipping coffee and eating a complicated but delicious sandwich.  Inspired by the coffee shop music of various conversations punctuated by random laughter and maybe some tears.  Inspired by her coffee and her complicated but delicious sandwich. Setting the scene out the window.  Or at the next table. Happily caffeinated and writing words. That writer WAS NOT me. I know I said I’d be blogging throughout the…

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My Top 17 Travel Memories

27th July 2017

In my last post I mentioned that *I was this close* to 200 groovy likers on Gin & Lemonade’s Facebook page.  With a little help from my friends, I’m now at 215.  Thank you! (I’m now at 943, help me get to 1K?) Moving on.  In a minute. When I was sitting at 199, I said that groovy person 200 would get to choose the topic for my next blog post. What I learned from that exercise is that I…

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