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17 Stress-Busters & Simple Pleasures

12th October 2017

Real-talk time, I was going to call this 17 Things That Piss Me Off.  However.  That only helps me, while these stress-busters will help you, too.  Maybe.  As my Ma says, just try it. I like to watch my kid paint.   Take this morning as an example.  She’d had three halves of two different breakfasts.  My workspace/the kitchen table was piled with bulk buys from Costco, and Isla is off from school for two weeks, because Fall break.  But.…

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Finding Zen On An Ordinary Day

3rd August 2017

We travel down to Edinburgh on Saturday and fly to New York on Sunday.  Things have been a little hectic around here, but we are nearly ready to go. I’m looking forward to being on the plane.  Planes are where I don’t have to take any phone calls, charge any phones, or answer questions harder than ‘chicken or fish?’ The last time we were on a flight, Isla slept through most of it.  She can have the window seat this…

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My Top 17 Travel Memories

27th July 2017

In my last post I mentioned that *I was this close* to 200 groovy likers on Gin & Lemonade’s Facebook page.  With a little help from my friends, I’m now at 215.  Thank you! (I’m now at 943, help me get to 1K?) Moving on.  In a minute. When I was sitting at 199, I said that groovy person 200 would get to choose the topic for my next blog post. What I learned from that exercise is that I…

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