Real-talk time, I was going to call this 17 Things That Piss Me Off.  However.  That only helps me, while these stress-busters will help you, too.  Maybe.  As my Ma says, just try it.


One of Isla’s recent palettes.  Not today’s, though.

  1. I like to watch my kid paint.   Take this morning as an example.  She’d had three halves of two different breakfasts.  My workspace/the kitchen table was piled with bulk buys from Costco, and Isla is off from school for two weeks, because Fall break.  But. I found myself mesmorised by her swirls. Neon pink, orange, purple.  And we managed to hide that one before everything turned brown.  I’m so happy I may frame it.
  2. I LOVE a good book, time to read it, and that moment in the story where I know I can settle in and trust the journey the author is taking me on.
  3. Coffee that is lukewarm enough for me to drink quickly.
  4. All the possibilities of a new notebook.  Or 5.
  5. Hitting ‘Publish’ on a blog post.  When all the fiddly stuff is finished and the green banner thing flashes on the screen.
  6. Songs that are actually events. Like this one.
  7. Teal.  I know I say purple is a way of life, but teal and all its surprising variations helps me live that life.
  8. Conversations with my kid.  And writing them down. This is one from today: Me: May I play with you?
    Isla: No, because this game is for kids. But you can keep doing that thing with my hair. Because it’s nice.
    Me: Oh, good.
  9. TV that makes me feel.  Or think.  Preferably both.  Nothing beats a smart human-centric documentary.
  10. Movies that I either haven’t seen or ones that I’ve worn out, and can quote til the end.  Do you people have clubs?
  11. Anything hazelnut.  But I’m not big on Nutella.
  12. Automatic writing.  Especially if it’s mine.
  13. Remembering all the people I came from.
  14. The family I chose.  Bonus points of they claim me, too.
  15. LOVE.
  16. Laughing with.
  17. Having things to look forward to.


What chills you out?

17 Stress Busters & Simple Pleasures - Gin & Lemonade

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