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A Do Not Want List For 2011

These are things I could do without next year.  Just for the record. Insomnia/heartburn/bad stress.  Who needs that?  Even if it does mean blog posts can run through your head at four in the morning. My internal Editor.  Shut...

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Of Love And Words

  If you’ve already gotten what you came for, there’s no such thing as barriers. When love is good, nothing else matters. — The Savage Detectives, Roberto...

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Stop Dreaming

I used to be obsessed with my dreams.  I was the one who bought the books and looked up the themes and symbols.   I asked questions right before I went to bed hoping I’d find answers in dreams.   I wrote single words and even...

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Switch Off to Switch On

Remember when I said I couldn’t write in clutter?  Well, I’ll add to it.  I now believe the people who tell you not to write on a computer connected to the Internet.  Because writing doesn’t happen.  Facebook happens. I used to...

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Dear You

I spent all day Saturday looking for a particular piece I wrote on September 11th, 2001. I couldn’t find it, but in the search I found all my old journals and other writing that goes back pretty far. Some things are the same.  A...

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