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These are things I could do without next year.  Just for the record.

Insomnia/heartburn/bad stress.  Who needs that?  Even if it does mean blog posts can run through your head at four in the morning.

My internal Editor.  Shut up, seriously.  When in doubt, let it out.  Just do it.  Write it/say it/send it.  And do a little dance when you’re done.

Mail that consists only of bills.  See Item 1.  Anyone want a pen pal?

Fear of turning 30.  It’s happening in March.  If I was scared, I’d be screwed.  Considering that on any given day I feel 8, 19, or 83 and half years old, 30 is just a number.

Cabin fever.   Get out of the house.  Now.

Bad coffee.   I don’t have the time.

Out-of-Order signs on accessible toilets.  Or said toilets being used as supply cupboards.  Or no accessible toilet at all.  Because I don’t want to pee on the floor.

Living in a place called Procrasti Nation.  Do it today.  And then do something else tomorrow.

Unfinished/Neglected projects.  Do SOMETHING towards SOMETHING every day.

Scatterbrain Suzy:  Put your cards back in your damn wallet.  Put the phone back on charge.  Tape your keys to your head.  File your paperwork.  Don’t leave books in the fridge.  Throw stuff away.

Inspired by a Reverb10 prompt.


What’s on your Do Not Want list for next year?

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