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Anxiety & Us

5th February 2018

And so, last week was Time To Talk Day, but I think the point of this campaign is to highlight that it’s OK to talk about our mental health no matter what day it is. Honestly, this post has been bouncing around in my brain for weeks.  More honestly, my weird little journey with anxiety and my current dealings with it was one of the reasons I came back to blogging regularly. To share this road. I was never really into…

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Disability Humor Life Writing

Where Sweaters Go To Die

20th January 2011

A few months after I got my favourite pen, my Dad packed it and the rest of my life into the car and drove me down to University.  As The Dixie Chicks blasted out of the speakers and through the open windows, I was as excited as I’d ever been up to that point in my life.  Scared shitless, but excited. Pretty much ever since then, I’ve employed Personal Assistants to help me do any of the stuff that can…

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A Do Not Want List For 2011

15th December 2010

These are things I could do without next year.  Just for the record. Insomnia/heartburn/bad stress.  Who needs that?  Even if it does mean blog posts can run through your head at four in the morning. My internal Editor.  Shut up, seriously.  When in doubt, let it out.  Just do it.  Write it/say it/send it.  And do a little dance when you’re done. Mail that consists only of bills.  See Item 1.  Anyone want a pen pal? Fear of turning 30. …

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Back To My Roots

10th December 2010

I am a natural blonde.  No, really.  I have proof:       It got lighter in the summer and darkened in the winter.  By the time I was eight it no longer changed with the seasons, no matter how much lemon juice my Nana squeezed on my head.  Maybe that’s why I felt such infinity with fish as a child. My favourite doll was a redheaded kilt-wearing thing of beauty from the ‘International Collection’.  I wanted her hair.  When…

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