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I recently finished Warm Bodies, a post-apocalypse love story in which one of the couple happens to be a zombie with other zombie friends.  I was going to say it’s not my usual, but I’ve decided I don’t have a go-to genre anymore.  I’ll read anything.  If it’s good.  But of course I won’t know if it’s good until I read it.  I can’t say no to anything, really.  Especially a book I can read in one night while Sarge is out watching zombie films.  And so, last week was quite serendipitous.   I also have a thing for first books/debut novels.  And this one was good.  Delicious in fact.

Went to the library last week, and came out with it.  I was quite excited to actually find a book in the library I’d wanted to read, instead of coming home with random finds, that become not-so random.  I believe, like people, certain books find you.  You meet them when you’re supposed to meet them.  While these chance meetings of book-in-hand do nothing for your existing to-read pile, your read/experience pile grows.  And on any random Wednesday you just may meet the person who becomes your new best friend or a book you can add to your favourites list.

Another not-so random book meeting is my current read, Aloft.  It’s always a strange/different experience for me to read a book set on Long Island.  The landmarks are the landmarks of my childhood.  It’s like going back.

The day after I finished Warm Bodies, I started Aloft.  That night I swear I had dreams about zombies wandering a strip-mall on Long Island.  This may or may not have had anything to do with my reading.

Up next: I’m impatiently waiting for the postman to deliver The Help and The Poisonwood Bible.

Try This:  Go to the library and check out a book you wouldn’t normally read, and then go for a coffee and talk to the person at the next table, or anywhere.  You may find your two new favourite things.

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