1.  It complements my healthy-eating plan.  When I’m eating grapes or rice-cakes and therefore hungry, it helps to re-pin cake recipes.

2.  I can keep wedding ideas together without glue or paper-cuts.

3.  It’s a source of my daily Zen.

4.  And sometimes it tells me what to do next.

5.  It’s shown my that broken books can be beautiful.

6.  It tells me I’m not the only one.

7.  If I pin a project, I might actually try it.

8.  It helps me visualise.

9.  It’s trying to entice me to eat vegetables.

10.  And I can pin all of the above without jabbing my fingers, dropping the pin, driving over it and getting a flat tire.  It’s accessible that way.

How do you use Pinterest?

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