My favourite photo of the week.

I’ve wanted to start a monthly round-up thing of stuff I loved/internet finds/blogs to follow, etc.

Name ideas for this feature have included:

Lorna’s Love List (I think that sounds a bit rude, though.  And not sarcastic rude.)

Crap I Would Actually Buy (Maybe, if I remember to click the buttons.  And companies ship to the UK.  And while I’m at it Book of The Month, why aren’t you worldwide?)

People I Want To Drink With –  See also: Where’s my teleporter?  Damn oceans.  Damn canceled ferries.  Mainland, I miss you.

This Is Me, Throwing Books At You.

Why Does Pact Coffee Keep Sending Us Fruit & Nut?  It is lovely, people.  And we have changed selections, but obviously not often enough.

Decor Ideas I’ll Never Get Around To, BUT LOOK.  Because it’s pretty.  But my husband has commandeered the office.  I’m working on it.  But for now, I’m writing in the kitchen, hi.

And so, let’s start with the books.  Most of my reading lately has been through Netgalley.  Thanks, Netgalley.  If these aren’t out yet, you should totally pre-order them.

Then She Was Gone, Lisa Jewell –

I LOVED this. Around 80% into the book, I actually said ‘Wow” This was actually my first Lisa Jewell read, but I’ve stock-piled some of them, and I’ll be binging now.

We Are Never Meeting In Real Life, Samantha Irby

It made me laugh and cry and I might have ignored my kid so I could finish reading it. Ten stars.

Midnight At The Bright Ideas Bookstore, Matthew Sullivan

Loved this! 10 stars! Everything I like in a book. A bookshop, quirky characters, random family, a little mystery. Perfect read! Will be buying this to read quotes aloud to my husband, and maybe another copy to throw at my friends. READ THIS! My only question is will there be more Bright Ideas books?

Read those books.

And here are (some) People I’d Like To Drink With:

Caitlin at Broadside is doing a European trip.  I liked this post on Berlin.  I am impaitently waiting for her write-up on Croatia.  We’ve agreed to meet up somewhere in the world and have another drink before Isla goes to University!

Beth at The Beth Next Door –  Because she’s kinda like my new favourite person.  And our husbands look scarily alike!

Nicole at An Entertaining Mess – Because we are loooong overdue to be in the same room.

Read those blogs.

P. S. When I grow up and move into our home office (looking at you Neil) I want it to look like this.

Other random crap:

In the writing of this post, I’ve decided to make it a weekly feature called ‘3 Books, 3 Blogs.’  Stay tuned for one of those fancy linked-up image things that always relax me when I see them on other people’s blogs, but I can’t be bothered to do for here.













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