How the hell are ya?

If you’ve been blogging for a long time or since last week, you might have heard something about your target audience or your ideal reader.

And allow me to say something else controversial here, I’ve never had one.  Or it’s always been you.

Reading from wherever you are, drinking whatever you’re drinking.  Whether you’re in a coffeeshop or on your couch.

I don’t care how old you are.  I’ve been all different ages while writing this blog.

I don’t care where you’re from.  I don’t know where I’m from, either.

I don’t care if you have kids.  And if you have them, I don’t care how they came out of you/your wife/your girlfriend, or how you fed them when they got here.  As long you fed them.

I don’t care if got your kids from your gene-pool or an airport or an animal shelter.  They’re your kids.

I don’t care if you drive a wheelchair or a minivan or a Mazda.  Or all three.

I don’t care if you’re sitting in your kitchen in a house in the neighborhood you grew up in, or 4, 000 miles from it.

However.  In order to understand what I write, and where I write from, it might help if you are a 30something, disabled, expatish parent.  Or any combination of those things.  It would be extra groovy if you were outspoken about all of your things, and not defined by any one of them.


Thanks for reading.

Lorna x Why I Don't Have A Target Audience


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