Seven years is a long time.

Since my last post, people have been congratulating me on 7 years here.  While I appreciate it, I haven’t really done much with it in all those years.

OK, so I got married and had a kid.  There’s that.  But in terms of ass on seat, tell stories, and keep doing it, there’s been not a lot.

I haven’t really done what I originally set out to do, which was connect with other people and talk about access and expat issues and try not to be too drunk while doing so.

There’s been a lot of procrastinating and writing about not writing.

While on THE TRIP, I actually thought a lot about the blog and where I wanted to go with it.  Since Italy isn’t an option, I’ve come up with the following changes/plans:

I’m going to do more actual writing.

I’m going to be as real as I promised I would be.  I’m going to fly my weird little third-culture freak flag.

I’m gonna talk more about being disabled and a mother, and all the times when I am a disabled mother.

I will swear when necessary.

I will tell it like it is.

I also wanna talk about books and coffee and other stuff I love.

And I’ll be opening up the blog to more guest writers who might also want to talk about all that stuff, too.

And in the next couple weeks, I’ll be starting a newsletter with some stuff that doesn’t appear on the blog.  And some stuff that does.  So, there’s stuff.

While I’m at next week’s posts will include:  More words on the trip, and Jet Lag Sucks But You Don’t.

Stay tuned.


Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 15.57.50

Just one of the coffees I had in New York.





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