And so, I set up this nifty new domain, my blogging composition book has titles written in it, I’m all excited to add words to those titles.  And…nothing.  Well, some stuff.  Noise in the kitchen.  Where I write.

I would dearly love to have a door I could shut for 2 or 3 hours, and then I’d write, open the door and do the other things.  But since my writing has to happen around my life, on the kitchen table, not a lot of writing happens.

I used to be a writer. I had day jobs and then I’d come home and write.  I wrote corporate words at work, too.  And threeish years ago,  I even tried out the coveted title of Freelance Writer, before I had to trade my very first client for morning sickness that lasted all day.  Best trade ever.

Life ensued.  Some blogging.  Still not a lot of writing.

Somewhere along the way I became a blogger.

And I wanted to do what I actually set out to do 7 years ago, share my life as a disabled person where my CP is just one of the things that make my life interesting.  There’s also the American-living-in-Scotland part, the maybe-High-Functioning-Anxiety part.  And the wife and mother part.

But who gives a shit about me?  Who says my life is interesting?

I’ve always wanted to use this blog to connect with people, and maybe help them.

But y’know, which people?

Disabled people who like to travel, but need to find accessible places to sleep and do other touristy things?  That was kinda my day-job (No, I was not a travel agent.)

Expats who miss where ever the hell they’re from today?  I’ve been in Scotland 25 yearsish.  I grew half-way up in NY and half here.  Mine is not the typical expat experience, and so can’t help people with typical expat issues.

Do I write a book blog and recommend books all day?  I don’t have as much time to read as you may think.

Am I a Mom blogger?  No, the blog came before the kid.

Do I write writing tips?  Maybe.

My point is, when I do have time to post, what do I write about today?

How the fam and I attempted to visit yet another inaccessible bookshop, and I didn’t buy any books, but that’s OK because I have a shitload of unread books in my house?

How Neil is at his Edinburgh office this week, and I’m a big mope?

How I was gonna write the 15th word on my NaNo-novel, but Mindhunter happened?

How when Isla asks me to cuddle with her for two hours I do it, because when does that happen any more?

How I really need teleportation to be a thing?

And how does that help you, unless seeing inside my jumbled mind makes you feel less alone?

Let’s start a club.

Also, is Sarcasm Influencer a thing?







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