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When Your Child Has No Inside Voice

25th March 2018

Picture it:  A crowded restaurant.  A table full of friends.  All other tables full of strangers.  And a three-year-old with absolutely no inside voice. I was having dinner with friends I haven’t seen since my wedding (nearly five years ago, how did that happen?) There was music and memories.  Hot chocolate with impressive whipped cream, and lots of coffee and more than a few laughs. There was also a locked accessible toilet.  Some people would call that an inaccessible toilet.  But…

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A Road-Trip to The Ballet

29th January 2018

‘Isla, get off the stage, Dearest.’  We’d just arrived at the theatre after three hours in the car.  Isla was burning of some energy by strutting across a platform thing I think was leftover from another performance. Part of Isla’s Christmas gift was tickets to The Nutcracker when Scottish Ballet brought it to Inverness. We didn’t think we’d get to go, because weather was happening right up until we started our road-trip. But we piled in the car, picked up…

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Lanterns In The Rain

13th January 2018

There was a road-trip to Edinburgh while Mom was here.  Of course.  And the three of us go to the zoo whenever we get the chance.  I’d wanted to Isla to see the Giant Lanterns of China since they arrived at the zoo.  And I thought taking my Mom would be a chance to make some groovy memories. Except the trails were too much walking for Mom so she couldn’t come.  The zoo did offer Mom a wheelchair, but with…

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Disability Travel Writing

Work With Me/Disclosure Policy

31st December 2017

Work With Me Before I lived on the internet, I had several day jobs.  Most of those included writing on topics such as accessible travel, education, arts and business writing. If you would like me to write for you on any of these topics or other ones, please get in touch. I landed my favourite job when I drove into the interview and everyone in the office read my blog before I got there.  My old boss calls me, um,…

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The Christmas Road-trip

20th December 2017

On Sunday night, Neil and I clinked paper cups over burgers in Edinburgh. ‘Happy weird-ass date night,’ I said. We were doing some first-minute Christmas shopping before picking up my Mom at the airport the next morning.  I was running on nerves and chocolate after the six hour drive off the mountain.  We had an hour to shop, but I can’t shop hangry.  So, make that 40 minutes to shop. At toy stores.  And a craft store. Isla’s Christmas list…

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