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My Thriller Reading Year

19th December 2018

You guys, I’ve only read 12 books this year. For a book hoarder, that is NOT GOOD. I’ve started a lot more than I finished, and those I finished were pretty neat. I’m enjoying what I’m currently reading and looking forward to more books for Christmas. Let’s talk books. The book list on this page contains Amazon affiliate links, I make a small commission if you make a US or UK purchase through them, at no extra cost to you. Read…

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Awesome Books for 4 Year Olds

10th December 2018

My four year old has read more than me this year.  And 4 is a weird age thing.  They’re not babies anymore, but they’re not really independent readers. The picture books need to have a lot going on, and all the squirrels in their brains might be leaning towards chapter books, with a lot going on, but not so much they switch off. A reader recently asked me for a list of Isla-approved books.  I’m not an expert in the…

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My Top 10 Books of 2017

14th December 2017

And so, Goodreads says that I’ve read 33 books this year.  My target was 50, so not quite there, but I did read some good ones. This post contains, um, one affiliate link. 10.  All The Missing Girls, Megan Miranda – 5 stars, and I finished this at 4 AM.  And I cried at the end.  This year, tears have meant a good review. 9.  The Fact of A Body: A Murder and a Memoir, Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich –  This read like…

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3 Books, 3 Blogs Books Disability Guest Post

3 Books, 3 Blogs From Gemma at Wheelescapades

3rd November 2017

Today’s 3 Books, 3 Blogs comes from Gemma at Wheelescapades.  I was very excited to discover Gemma’s blog and even happier when she decided to guest post for me here! * 3 Books – Spoiler alert! There will be mini spoilers throughout, although I won’t give away any endings, I don’t feel I can fully give my opinion without giving away some details. So you’ve been warned! One of my main focuses at Wheelescapades is getting disability out there, making…

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3 Books, 3 Blogs Guest Post

Nonfiction, Fiction, and Stranger than Fiction

6th October 2017

Hello! Today’s 3 Books, 3 Blogs is a guest post from Angela over at You Are Awesome.   I am heading down to London today for a damn fine cup of coffee at The Twin Peaks Festival. I love all of these people (Angela and the blogs and bloggers she recommends) Thanks to Angela, and enjoy! * Nonfiction, Fiction, and Stranger than Fiction by Angela Noel I love books. I love blogs. I love Lorna. Gin & Lemonade perfectly describes…

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