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Cheesecake For Breakfast

31st May 2012

In an update to this post, and then this one, and finally this one, CJ has gone to live with some friends in Glasgow.  She is not hunting rabbits in the country.  She’s in Glasgow.  I know and trust the people she’s with.  I am now the cat’s Auntie. Dad delivered her on Saturday, taking along her favourite blanket.  I was not upset when she left, as I’d said goodbye many times before the day arrived.  It was hard to…

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An Open Letter to the Vet

7th December 2011

What follows is the text of the letter going along with CJ to her vet’s visit today: Hi, This is CJ.  She’s 9.  She’s being re-homed up North, due to my boyfriend’s allergies.  We used to live on a farm, but she’s been a flat-cat since 2005, when we moved to Glasgow. She is third-generation feral, and she was fixed when she was a year old.  I believe she had shots at that time. She needed a booster when we…

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The Mascot

26th September 2010

    This is the cat I belong to.  Her name is CJ and if ever a pet deserved their own blog post, it’s her.    Her mother was the first cat to tolerate my presence, and her name was Cappuccino.  This was another nod to my love of coffee.  And the fact that her markings were like that of a capuchin monkey.  Cappuccino Junior has the same markings, only in gray, with an extra splotch on her shoulders. CJ likes…

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