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Please Stay Tuned

Some of you may remember Coffeegate 2011.  Well, it’s become an annual event.  Earlier this week, I picked up my coffee with my left hand.  And promptly dropped it.  On my computer.  Again.  Maybe it was the weight of my...

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Magic Coffee: Best of Both

I found this on Pinterest today: Source: liveinternet.ru via Lorna on Pinterest It made me explode with happiness. Yes, really. There were witnesses. Well, one. Really though, two of my favourite things in one photo. Does it get...

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Instant Coffee Tastes Like Mushrooms

I’ll repeat, instant coffee taste like mushrooms.  Fact.  That’s why, as I write this, there is a cup of zombie coffee by my side.  Anyway, these are, as ever, coffee-fuelled ramblings. And so, this week, I went out for more...

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Grandma Lied. Coasters Are Bad.

And so, I am on my way home from work, with a blog post or two playing around in my head. I get home and I am all set to write.  Actually can’t wait.  My PA makes me a coffee before she leaves, and the cursor is blinking...

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