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15th July 2017

  If we were having coffee, you might remember I’m kindasortamaybe following along with the Ultimate Blog Challenge, or #blogboost. Today’s prompt is an Ask Me Anything post. Well.  That could go a lot of ways. You might also have figured that I’m trying to blog more consistently recently. My new intro thing to the blog would be: I’m Lorna. I’m an American living in Scotland for going on 25 years. Share a house in the boonies with my city…

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I Should Take My Own Writing Advice

19th June 2017

I’ve been writing for longer than you think.  I’ve been writing for longer than I think sometimes.  I used to write fiction, had five novels on the go.  Used to write short stories longhand.  On my bedroom floor.  When I was 25.  I used to draft things, even when people said to leave that shit in.  I used to type my writing at 3 in the morning, while blasting music I found on Napster.  That’s how far back we  go.…

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Welcome To The Pub

11th June 2017

I’ve decided I’m gonna be a bit freer on this here blog. I’m feeling a bit more isolated than usual these days and I feel like I need to connect/write/talk more. Truth is, I don’t get out as much as I used to. Skye is often CLOSED or some shit. I sign up for things out of the house that are canceled. For reasons. Like I’m the only one interested. I get very excited when my PAs arrive in the…

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