If we were having coffee, you might remember I’m kindasortamaybe following along with the Ultimate Blog Challenge, or #blogboost.

Today’s prompt is an Ask Me Anything post.ASK ME ANYTHING!

Well.  That could go a lot of ways.

You might also have figured that I’m trying to blog more consistently recently.

My new intro thing to the blog would be:

I’m Lorna. I’m an American living in Scotland for going on 25 years. Share a house in the boonies with my city husband, our 3 year-old daughter, and lots of books. I also have CP. I write about everything. Hi.

I’ve been trying to distill what I write about here, so I can well, write more.

I’ve had some messages from people who didn’t know I was American.  Or a wheelchair-user.  Or sarcastic.  I am all of those things.

Now, I have been blogging for AGES.  However, if people I like can’t glean those rather fundamental details about me, I’ve been sharing my real story kinda wrong.

And so, ask me anything.  I will answer as honestly as possible in the spirit of openness and coffee.

I’ll answer everything.  If a question warrants a long(er) answer, it’ll be a new post.

Anything goes.  The silly, the serious.  The Netflix queue.

I’m gonna make another coffee and settle in.

Ask away.

P.S.   Info on #weekendcoffeeshare is here.

Info on #blogboost is here.


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