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Coffee & Answers

  If we were having coffee, you might remember I’m kindasortamaybe following along with the Ultimate Blog Challenge, or #blogboost. Today’s prompt is an Ask Me Anything post. Well.  That could go a lot of ways....

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Coffee & Stuff

‘Isla’s still two…’ If we were having coffee, you’d say ‘WRONG!  She’s three.’ I’d say, screw you.  But you’re right.  She is three.  And I’m still tired from all...

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An Alternate Universe

I used to know the difference between jealousy and envy, but I’ve lost track of which one is less painful.  The one that doesn’t eat you up.  The one you wouldn’t wish on anyone. In an alternate universe, I got...

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Coffee & a Visit

Hello!  How’s the week treated you?  I hope you’re all good, but even if you’re not, let’s put the world to rights. If we were were having coffee show you my favourite picture from this week. Isla decided...

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The snow of a few weeks ago has melted and the sun has come out in Skye.  I’ve spent more time outside than in this week, and have been drinking more water than coffee. I wore Isla’s sunglasses over mine when I...

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