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The Oma Does Edinburgh

You may remember that we have a house guest. We’ve taken him out with us almost everywhere since his arrival. Here is photographic evidence of The Oma’s adventures so far: Hugging some cider at Sofi’s: Offering me a...

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George's New Friend

George Bailey-Penguin has a visitor.  The Oma has arrived!   They seem to like each other.                 For more info on the Oma, visit The Oma Today Project and Hippie Cahier. ...

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My Very Own Geek

It’s Adopt-a-Geek Week over at Pretty Feet, Pop Toe. I think this is a fantastic idea.  But I have my very own dearly loved and loveable geek.  Mine is taking a day off from being a Senior Software Geek because he has...

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Magic Coffee 3

Good After-morning!  What’s in there today? Featuring my current reads: A Visit from the Goon Squad Dr Zhivago What are you reading at the...

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Magic Coffee 2

Sarge said to me this morning, ‘Shall we see what’s in your coffee today?’ I thought I’d open the debate. And so, what do you see today?: And as a bonus, yesterday: And I saw this in last week’s...

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