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My Dear Aunt Lucy

11th June 2018

And so, I was quiet the last few weeks because I had no words. My Aunt Lucy died, and then it was her funeral. And I really wish teleporters were already a thing. I received word of her death on the way back from dropping Neil off at the ferry for his two weeks in the office. My Isla asked me, I swear, if I was crying ‘because Aunt Lucy’s in heaven.  Can we call her up?’ Kinda sorta. And…

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Happy New Year, Baby

5th January 2015

Dear Isla, You are six months and a bit. You are my Monkey, my Strumpet, My Favourite Baby. The first time I held you, I told you you’d been here before. And there’s an old soul shining out of your bright blue-grey-silver eyes. On a somewhat related note, I’m sorry for thinking that milk-blister made you look like a tiny version of Nanny McPhee for your first few days. I take it back. And I promise that wasn’t the reason…

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Dear You

13th September 2010

I spent all day Saturday looking for a particular piece I wrote on September 11th, 2001. I couldn’t find it, but in the search I found all my old journals and other writing that goes back pretty far. Some things are the same.  A lot is different.  I want to give that kid/younger twenty-something a hug, and tell her to stop worrying.  We’re not in Back to the Future, so I can’t. But I can do this: Dear you, Relax. …

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