I spent all day Saturday looking for a particular piece I wrote on September 11th, 2001.

I couldn’t find it, but in the search I found all my old journals and other writing that goes back pretty far.

Some things are the same.  A lot is different.  I want to give that kid/younger twenty-something a hug, and tell her to stop worrying.  We’re not in Back to the Future, so I can’t.

But I can do this:

Dear you,

Relax.  Things will get better.  Your view will change.  Look out the window and savour what you see right now, because that view will change, too.  And you’ll miss it.  Yes, you will.  Wave to the cows.

Now close your book and call your Nana.  Hug your Gramps.  Sit by Grandma’s tree even more than you do.  There will be a time soon this is all you’ll want to do, but you won’t be able to.  Do it now.

Take more pictures and less bullshit.  He’s not that into you.

Yes, your braces will come off, eventually.  You will learn to like your teeth, eventually.  No, having your wisdom teeth out will not make you dumb.  Enjoy this time, because it really won’t last forever.

Go to Uni and stay there.  But please do keep all those poems in the drawer.  Do not leave all your work til the last minute.  Consider that Honours Philosophy offer.  Have as much fun as you will and then have more.

Be a coffee snob.  Be a music snob.  Do not listen to radio call-in shows at 4 o’clock in the morning.  Please don’t use your CDs as coasters.

Dry your hair so it doesn’t freeze on the way to class.  Well, let it go the once, so you’ll have the memory.  Take better notes when you get to class.  Light the candles in your room, but keep writing in the dark.

Send your writing away.  Don’t waste it on the wrong people though, they’re not worth it.  Some people are worth it.  Some people are.

Don’t change.

Those wishes on stars will come true.  Yes, they will.  The third star on the left will be particularly useful.  Songs will come true, too.  Sing the happy ones.

Lighten up.  Have fun.

Now get off the damn computer.

Love, as ever,


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