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A Long Way From The Boat

20th April 2018

And so, I was sitting with my Made of Awesome eating cheesecake and consulting the Oracle  Google about options for my hen/bachelorette weekend. ‘But what do you want to doooo?’ she asked. ‘I don’t care.  Surprise me.  No Loch Ness cruises, please.  And no pampering bullshit. But surprise me.  Should we take a cocktail-mixing class?  Or go back to Prague? New York?  Surprise me, though.  I don’t care.’ ‘How many people are we inviting?’ ‘Everyone.  No one.  Just us.  Just send me…

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I Blame Texas. But Not Really.

4th September 2012

I like music.  I love music.  I greatly esteem music.  The first site I crank up on any given morning is  (Spotify has too many ads.)  Even before facebook.  Or real-life coffee.  That’s big. While my musical taste is kind of eclectic, my first music-love is country.  I love it down to the ground.  Or the red dirt road. I know it isn’t cool to admit to liking country.  At least for me, growing halfway up on Long Island,…

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On The Road: The Nerdy Backpackers

25th August 2012

‘We look like a couple of nerdy backpackers.’ ‘That’s because we are.’ On Monday, Sarge and I went to Newcastle (ish) to visit a friend of mine from University (the first one). She was the friend from this post and featured in the beginning of this one. Through no fault of our own we’d seen each other all of twice in five years. Before Monday, Em hadn’t met Sarge, and we are going on three. Because I don’t have a…

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It's Not A Tie

3rd July 2012

When I was a kid, and Father’s Day or his birthday rolled around, I would buy my Dad a tie.   Or a wallet.  I wasn’t very creative back then.  At Christmas, people would get something from the craft-fair at school.  Nothing with glue or dried macaroni on it, because I thought that was a waste of food.  But if my Grandparents needed a magnet or a bookmark with a purple tassel on it, they knew I would hook them up…

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Always Choose To Dance

9th May 2012

I spent much of my first year at University pulling all-nighters with my friends.  We would raid the vending machine down the hall, try to stuff each other into the washing-machines and make plans to go bungee-jumping.  I also had them draw me a hideously clichéd tattoo.  Of course. Some more time was spent figuring out how I might get inked without actually climbing the walls.  The Plan involved getting drunk and stoned.  What was the plan? Anyway, my point…

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