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What Did I Miss?

And so, you know that working-from-home gig?  Not so much.  Now I’m just home. I’ve been recharging by sniffing books and drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes.  Last weekend, I made Neil go out and get me one.  This...

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Meet Truman

In an update on Coffeegate 2012, say hello to Truman Bubbles: As you can see from the photo, Truman comes with a very safe, very wireless keyboard. (The marshmallow was consumed very soon after this photo was taken.  I was...

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Please Stay Tuned

Some of you may remember Coffeegate 2011.  Well, it’s become an annual event.  Earlier this week, I picked up my coffee with my left hand.  And promptly dropped it.  On my computer.  Again.  Maybe it was the weight of my...

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Open To Interpretation

What follows could either be a. a snippet from my NaNo novel or, 2.  a recent conversation between Sarge and me: I need to write. Then write. How do I get out of the way? Write in the bathroom, on the toilet, in the tub. Write...

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A Little Friendly Competition

And so, I’m ‘doing’ NaNoWriMo this year. We have always had a strange relationship. Past attempts have seen me bang out 20,000 words and then well, edit them. Note to self and others: Don’t. Do. That. I have a penchant for...

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29 Stories

And so, my current NaNo effort has turned bleak and predictable.  Even if I do say so myself. There is a Plan B, and I like it.  Remember when I said I had trouble finishing things?  (NaNo is a perfect example.  However, moving...

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This one's bleak as hell…

The printer ran out of paper today.  I printed out two stories I’ve written in order to conduct an experiment.  I asked Sarge to read both, and whichever one he wanted to read more of would become my NaNoWriMo novel this year....

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The Queen of the Cliff-hangers

I have a confession to make.  I hear voices in my head.  The voices of characters who don’t know where they’re going because I haven’t finished their stories on the page.  I’m responsible for the identity crises of thousands.  I...

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