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If We Were Having Coffee During NaNoWriMo With A Writing Prompt

4th November 2018

If we were having coffee, I’d say that I haven’t linked up to the official weekendcoffeeshare in a while, so here I am. Hi. I have actually been trying to post this post since Friday, but bad weather has played with our internet connection and my nerves. Last week’s writing prompt was ROAD TRIP, thanks to my epic road trip over here. If you’re visiting for the first time, I post a writing prompt every week, and then share people’s…

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Friday Reads & A Writing Prompt

19th October 2018

And so, I’m still gathering words for our recent Edinburgh road trip. Edit: Those Edinburgh road trip words are now written over here. Here are the interesting answers to this week’s writing prompt: crossed wires: Kirsty’s Mornings Ritu’s Uncomfortable Silences Deb’s poem Carol’s Mistaken Identity Anindya’s Evening at Starbucks The next post from me will be an Edinburgh travelogue which included having afternoon tea in the country with our friends from this post on our New York trip. The writing…

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A Month of Ginspiring Writing Prompts

26th September 2018

You guys know that Math isn’t my thing, but I just counted backwards, and I think this is my  (really our) fourth writing prompt post. They’ve been coined ginspiring writing prompts, and I find that um, entirely acceptable. I posted the first prompt in the hopes of connecting with other writers and flexing my old writing muscles. Lately, the only writing I’ve done is for blog posts. The best ones happen with a cup of coffee and something to say.…

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