I have a confession to make.  I hear voices in my head.  The voices of characters who don’t know where they’re going because I haven’t finished their stories on the page.  I’m responsible for the identity crises of thousands.  I get several fake shrink bills in the mail every week.  One girl in particular has been stuck in the bathroom for about four months.  She’s angry.  She was other places to go.  Trust me, we’ve had words.

My problem (?) is that my brain is faster than my typing fingers, my writing hands, and even my speaking mouth.  I see the whole thing in my head, and it’s finished there before it’s finished on paper/screen.   And then I get bored.  Move on to a story with louder, more urgent/annoying characters.  That has left me with more unfinished stories, indeed novels, than I care to admit to.  The novels originated from stories that wouldn’t end.  They still haven’t.  Some people just don’t shut up.

I used to write out of sequence, and that ended in more words.  Which is good, but they still make sense only to me and very few of those words are ‘The End’.  Sometimes, there is very little progress in the Work in Progress.  Especially when there are several works not progressing.  I’m not fickle.  I prefer the term Queen of the Cliff-hangers.  Maybe I should let the characters mingle and cross story-lines.  I’m sure they’d have a lot in common.

Contrary to popular belief, I do finish things.  I have to sit down (that’s easy) and write the whole thing in one go with no breaks or Time To Think.  The biscuits and Doritos have to be on my desk, because I sure as hell can’t leave the room to get them.  If I did, I’d get sidelined by Judge Judy, or something longer, like Summer.

I went off in search of a new notebook today.  Didn’t have to go very far.  I have lots of notebooks in the house.  I wanted one with no half-baked ideas, unsullied by old times and procrastination.  Couldn’t find one.  That says something.  It says I must open my Novels and Tidbits file on my computer, and finish something old.  Hopefully before NaNoWriMo, when the idea is to start (and finish!) something new.

The first thing I’m going to do is let that poor girl out of the bathroom.

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