I’m sitting here in my pajamas and robe writing this in a notebook as Sarge makes us breakfast.  It is 3.30 and life is good.

I’ve been thinking that thought since Thursday.  It’s been going through my head like a mantra.  I’m sitting here on Friday night eating Chinese food and watching The Golden Girls reruns.  And life is good.  We’re trudging through snow tracks on Saturday on the hunt for cake and hot chocolate, and life is good.  We came home last night and finally had those beers and watched Raging Bull, and life is good.

After a lazy morning, we got up and talked to my Dad about plans for Hogmanay.  As I thought about the prospect of spending New Year’s Eve on an island in a cottage, with some of my favourite people,  I actually said, ‘life is good.’  As I listened to Sarge and my Dad talking on the phone, life was great.

OK, I don’t have a job to go to tomorrow, but that just means I haven’t found the right one to go to yet.

I have warm socks on my feet, good books to read, words to write and people to love.

Life is good.

Hot chocolate. Found yesterday.

I hope it’s good for you, too.  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

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