I started this blog on August 10th 2010, in my living room.  I’ve taken it to ‘the office’ (or, The Spare Room) and some coffee shops.  105 posts later, the computer that I type my posts on is back in the living room.  In a year, I have filled two notebooks with post notes and drafts.  These are then typed or spoken onto the screen by me or Sarge in exchange for the promise that I turn my computer off after the post is published.

Last summer, and lots of times before that, people said to me ‘you should start a blog.’ In August, I listened.  I wanted to share my travels across the street and across the globe.

I had recently moved to a new city to live with my not-so-new boyfriend, I was looking for a job and making a mental list of accessible toilets in not the most wheelchair-friendly place in the world.

Just like anyone would, I found my new life exciting, and frustrating.  And funny.  I wanted to write and remember and share it.  And so, I started this blog.

That was last summer.  This summer, while in New York, I had dinner with Caitlin of Broadside.  I then came home and had brunch with Emily (and her husband!) of Emily Drinking Tea.  These are people I connected with through blogging, wonderful people I wouldn’t have met if I hadn’t posted my first post.

Without sounding sappy, I’d like to meet everyone who reads me and every person behind the blogs I read.  Perhaps we’ll have an actual gin and lemonade one day.

My favourite gin shots/posts I’ve written this year:

I Am Not A Number
Dude, Where’s My Passport?
Kissing On The Stairs
My Island Diaries
Missing Pen: Slightly Dented, Still Loved
Found Poetry

(And a few I have yet to write!)

What’s your favourite? What would you like to hear more about?

Thanks for reading!


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