Remember when I said I didn’t bake?  Well, I’ve decided I’ll watch other people do it, and record the process/results.  I’ll call the series Back-seat Baking, and I thank Sarge for the name suggestion.

And so.

Sarge brought home a box of cookie mix and a bag of marshmallows yesterday.

‘Do you mind if I put these together?’

‘Um, no.  Rocky Road!’

I asked if I could take notes on this experiment, and he said to scribble away.

‘OK.  Don’t do anything note-worthy until I go to the bathroom.’  This could be a preface to anything, but that’s another post.

I got back from the bathroom, and he’d heated the oven and was meticulously chopping up a ‘silly amount’ of marshmallows.  Actually 7.  Or 4.

He put the mix in an actual mixing-bowl, adding a teaspoon of cocoa and a ‘liberally measured’ ounce of softened butter.  He mixed in the marshmallows, with a ‘tiny bit’ of water.  And then some more water.  And some more water.  And honey.  And more water.

He mixed and mixed and mixed and flattened four cookie-shaped things on some kitchen-foil.  The kitchen-foil proved to be a bad idea, but they were still tasty.

He shoved them into the oven (190° C/ 374° F) and set our kettle-shaped timer for 7 minutes, after which he turned them over.

I nabbed some actual cookie-dough and he put them in for another 7 minutes.

After checking them and deciding they were ‘squidgy’, they went in for a ‘wee bit longer.’

We then enjoyed them.  With hot chocolate and left-over marshmallows.  And Father Ted.


Photographic Evidence:






They tasted better than they looked.  Perfect with coffee this afternoon!

Let me know if you try them!  Or if you have any recipes I could watch other people try to make!



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