There is Christmas shopping to be done, but I didn’t want to go out on Saturday.  Strange, me not wanting to go out.  I embraced this feeling and spent time reading books and poems, sometimes aloud.

Sarge went out and came home with a haircut and a bottle of Kahlúa.  And ingredients for a Backseat Baking Adventure: Cider Doughnuts.

This is our own spin on the recipe, which I found via the lovely Emily Drinking Tea .

For our own spin, read: the use of alcoholic apple cider (Magner’s Irish Cider).

Sarge went out again at 7.30 at night to buy an electric mixer, as per the recipe.

What follows is a run-down of what your favourite couple did next:

Sarge:  Reduced generous cup (mug) of cider and gave the rest of the bottle to the writer in the house.  Left on hob for half an hour.

Sarge:  Followed recipe, whisked ingredients.   Waved whisk at girlfriend as proof of posh kitchen utensil ownership.

Lorna:  Ducked and dodged bits of batter.

Sarge:  Used electric mixer.  Spent extra time mixing because new mixer isn’t very good.  Worried slightly about burning smell from said mixer.

Sarge:  Added a pinch of cocoa the mix.

Sarge:  Rolled out dough on baking tray.  Then realised tray was too big for freezer.  Lost equivalent of one doughnut to bottom of freezer while trying to jam tray in.

Sarge:  Transferred dough to giant ice-cream tub and hoped that worked, too.  It did.

Lorna:  Hummed U Can’t Touch This for no apparent reason.

Sarge:  Made White Russians (Kahlúa over ice, with added vodka and fresh milk, finished with cinnamon.)  Turned pint glass into doughnut cutter.  Prepared to fry doughnuts in wok by making doughnut holes with spirit measurer, previously used in making of White Russians.

Lorna: Took pictures.  Hummed the theme to The Odd Couple, for a possibly apparent reason.

Sarge:  Filled the wok with oil and guestimated temperature.  Finally fried doughnuts.

Lorna and Sarge:  Watched The Big Lebowski with The Big White Russians while eating some of The Big Doughnuts.

Photographic Evidence:

I realise I didn’t do much except record the whole thing for posterity and provide the random soundtrack.

Good team-work again!

And the doughnuts were delicious!

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