Last week I decided that I wanted to actually make something for Sarge for Valentine’s Day.  Or at least watch someone else do it.  Because the last time I tried to make something, the red stuff wasn’t food-colouring.  But it was iron- enriched.

Anyway, I’m looking up baking ideas, and my PA suggests Martha Stewart.  Now, we have a saying in my family that goes something like this:  Molly was Martha Stewart before Martha was Martha Stewart.

Molly was my Nana, and she was an all around amazing baker, cook, beader, knitter, quilter, home-decorator, general ideas woman and creative. Dinner was not complete without six courses, a sweater not ready to wear without beads on the collar.  And everywhere else.

Nana did everything from scratch.  And I watch people make cupcakes from a box.  Maybe it was Nana’s inspiration that made me add stem ginger to the cupcakes that my PA made and froze last week, and iced this morning.

I added ginger because I don’t like it.  And I wanted these especially for Sarge, who does.

If they were coffee cupcakes, that would have been a present for both of us.  Maybe next week.

Photographic evidence:

Behold the butter-cream icing!

Sarge approves!

Our aforementioned sugar-faces stuck to the plate and couldn’t be added to the cupcakes.  CJ ate them instead.

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