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Looking for work is my job these days.  If I’m not searching online/offline for vacancies, I’m sending out speculative letters with a copy of my CV, or writing about doing such things.  On Fridays, I go to a job club, which involves sitting around and eating biscuits with other unemployed people.

We talk about goal-setting, and confidence-building and what’s been on television.

Now, I have goals.  And confidence.   I think big.  And outside the box.  I even think outside the big box.

My issue is getting my foot (and my wheels) in the door.  Preferably one with nice people and a job that lets me use my brain on the other side of said door.

But I like Fridays.  There is focus and free biscuits and the chance that more doors may open.

There is also the chance to re-do the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator questionnaire.  I can officially add ‘consistent’ to my list of positive traits.  I got the same score as last time I took it, years ago.  I’m an INFJ.  I should be a writer.  Other INFJs include Shakespeare, Billy Crystal and Eleanor Roosevelt.

I always thought Shakespeare was overrated.  Maybe because we have the same personality type. (Please note, I am not comparing myself to Shakespeare.  But the computer did.)

What’s your type?  Find out here.

If you’re an INFJ, perhaps we should get together for coffee and biscuits.

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