Magic Coffee

Magic Coffee: Back By Popular Demand (Kinda)

5th June 2011

No fewer than one person told me yesterday that they’d been looking forward to Magic Coffee.  This is for them.  And for you.  Embrace the minimalism.

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  • Reply Sath 5th June 2011 at 1:42 pm

    I see.. A Penguin colony

    • Reply LKD 5th June 2011 at 1:58 pm

      A friend posted that on Sarge’s Facebook, and now we both want a giant copy for the living-room!

  • Reply Spinny Liberal 6th June 2011 at 5:44 am

    For some reason, I see a camel on the bottom right of the foam.

  • Reply urbannight 7th June 2011 at 4:03 pm

    Speaking of minimalism, if you reduce a statuette of Kali that I have to a few lines and dots, it would look just like the image in the foam.

  • Reply Flameheart 7th June 2011 at 5:02 pm

    I see an ostrich… lol

  • Reply thoughtsappear 17th June 2011 at 7:30 pm

    Makes me wish I drank coffee….

  • Reply calypte 23rd June 2011 at 10:51 am

    A dragon flying in a starry sky 😀

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