I had a day-job meeting up North yesterday, which meant I was up at 5.20am.  I gave my PA the front door key, so the buzzer didn’t blast me out of bed and make for an even ruder awakening.  I got dressed in twenty minutes and left Sarge with a pillow over his face, blocking out the untimely light, forgetting to switch it off before I left.

Outside, it was gray and purplepink, tones I usually associate with the sunrise after all-night conversations or early flights to holiday destinations.  Yesterday was more like a field-trip.

I waited for a taxi.  Or should I say two.  The driver of the first one didn’t even open the door before he decided he ‘couldn’t take the chair in.’  He called another one, and I waited some more, hoping I’d make my train.

Of course there wasn’t any traffic.  Everyone else was asleep.  The second taxi was quick, but whiffed of vomit.  I imagined the previous fares got their hang-overs too early.

I made it to the station, bumping into a colleague and a cup of coffee, and ramped onto the train just in time.

Fast-forward a few hours, and the field-trip part of the day was a forest trail where I got the chance to take some photos and forget about trains and taxis and time.

I like how I have the sky in my shoes!

The heather without my shoes.

Through the trees...

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