This was my do not want list for 2011.  Except for a few items, it worked.  So I’ve been thinking on another one.

I won’t have time for the following things next year.  Because I’ll be having too much fun concentrating on other things.


Boredom.  I used to say that bored people weren’t creative enough.  And then I got over myself.  But boredom isn’t fun, and really isn’t productive.  And so, less of that.  I love my life, I just want to do more with it.

Negativity.  Because No is not cool.

Worry.  It’s a waste of time.  So don’t do it.  Life is good.

Self-induced stress.  Snap out of it.  Burn some incense and chill the hell out.

Unfinished books.  Mine and other people’s.  Read and write to done.

Blank notebooks.  Fill every page with everything.

Fireworks #1

Image by Camera Slayer via Flickr

Bad coffee.  Because I still don’t have the time.

2012 will be a year of adventure.  Of shaking things up and making stuff happen.  Can’t wait!

What’ s on your Do Not Want list for 2012?


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