I recently read Fifteen Ways To Make Your Blog Irresistible over at Broadside.

I have decided to take each of Caitlin’s points/questions and apply them to my own blog.

Is your blog overly personal? 

I don’t think so.  More personal than I originally had in mind, though.  Without navel-gazing, I would hope.  There is a difference between my blog and my journal.  When I first started, I envisaged a personal public blog, and I think I’m still there.  I planned to write from the perspective of a wheelchair-user who lives in a beautiful, and yet quite inaccessible city.  Because I am, and I do.  But my life is more than that, and so is this blog.  The desire to connect with all kinds of people is still there, though.  And always will be.

Check your spelling, vocabulary and grammar.

I always read a post and then I read it out loud before I hit ‘publish.’

Is this post really worth sharing?  

What, you don’t want to see photos of my cat?  Or my coffee?  You don’t want to hear about my wedding plans?  Or how much I love Sarge?

Sarge is only so-called on this blog, by the way.  I asked him if he wanted me to start using his off-line name and he said he prefers ‘Sarge’ to ‘Giant Nerd.’

You’re being read worldwide — be inclusive.

As in American living in Scotland who happens to be a wheelchair-user, I think I’m doing pretty well on that score.  Might also be worthy of note that I’m Italian and getting married to someone who hates cheese.  That should score me ‘people are people’ points, no?

Is every comment a big thumbs-up?

Aside from the spam, stuff is positive.  Although, someone did think I was too harsh with my hatred of ferrets.  And while I appreciate the likes, I LOVE comments.  Because that leads to discussion.  Don’t be shy.

Are you playing it too safe?

I’ve said some pretty provocative things.  I admitted that grew up thinking Nina Simone was a man, and I once proclaimed my boyfriend-turned-fiancé is better than coffee.

Considering that one of my mother’s cousins found me and then my mother through reading my posts, I think I’m pretty open.

Are you (even occasionally) funny?

I like to laugh.  Mostly at myself.  And share it with others.  And I think the experiences of getting locked in a toilet and being told your head is too big for your passport photo are pretty universal.  And everybody falls off pavements and drives backwards sometimes.  Or is that just me?

Move us!

I hope I do.  If I’m happy, I hope you are, too.  If I’m thinking, I hope you are.  If I’m being a dork, I do hope you would tell me, so we can be dorks together.  Here’s where you tell me I’m too old to be a dork.

Edit, revise, repeat.

Most posts start as written drafts that percolate for a few days. Some of them stew too long.

When I get to posting, I hate formatting that doesn’t look right, so I end up with a bunch of revisions.  Posts take longer to post than to write, sometimes.

Grab us with the first few sentences.

Well, you always want to find out what happens, don’t you?  Did she make it out of the toilet?  I did.

Use paragraphs. 

I’m always promising real paragraphs, because I like to read them myself.

Visuals matter!

I think blogging has made me a better photo-taker.  I wouldn’t think of posting without some show-in-the-tell now, even it’s someone else’s photo, because most people are better at those than me.

Link to other people’s ideas.

I try to do this when fits in with what I’m rambling on about.  Or there’s my blog roll.  Or that one time I linked to the mating rituals of penguins.

The blog format isn’t sexy enough without great content.

For me, this means I need to write more.  In paragraphs.  Even contemplating a blogging schedule and an e-newsletter with extra info/tidbits.

“Voice” matters most.

I could be talking about the Sopranos, Paris, popcorn or losing my phone.  The common thread is me.  Unless I’m quoting someone else.  Or posting a photo of my cat.  Even then I try to make the captions funny.  Funny ha-ha or funny strange, well, that’s open to interpretation.

All that being said, how am I doing?  And how are you doing?

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