I’ve spent most of the weekend in Starwars yoga pants and a green Team Awesome t-shirt.  Popcorn was consumed in vast quantities.

Last weekend we set Isla up in a ‘big kid bed’ which matches ‘big kid school’.  This is a good thing.  Bed time stories happen in her room now.  She falls asleep in her room now.  I miss her.  But we don’t have to share the popcorn any more and TV habits have changed from Postman Pat to Frank Underwood.  It’s nice to see you again, Mr. President.

Last night a friend arrived from the city, and today we went to a playground and for lunch.

My friend has a four year-old and it’s always nice to see Isla with other kids.

And so, I haven’t been online much today.  Again, this is a good thing.

But I have missed sitting in the kitchen and piling words on the screen.  When I was younger, ‘routine’ was a bad word, but gahd help me if it doesn’t get stuff done.

And now, I’m gonna try out another word.  Schedule.

The new blogging schedule for Gin & Lemonade means posts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  With one weekend post on well, either day of the weekend.

I’ll try to be wordy.  And I also like lists.

Thanks for the questions on my Ask Me Anything post.  I’m gonna start answering them, but you can also keep asking them.

Another bit of blog admin is I’ve just recently become a Book Depository affiliate. Which just means if you order books from them using this link, I get a tiny bit of the sale. Worldwide free shipping and who doesn’t like books?  PS. In all my years of blogging this is my first affiliate program situation. And it just came through recently. Be nice.  Don’t throw tomatoes at me.  The book love came before the link.

And, and.  It only took me a BUNCH of years to add a social media panel on the blog!   On the top right underneath the Subscription/follow stuff. Go look where else I am. Feel all fancy now.

My mind is a bit all over the place at the moment.  There wasn’t a lot of time between deciding to book THE TRIP and actually booking it.  And we leave in just a few weeks so the run-up is a bit different, too.

I thought I’d share my feelings in the form of a currently list:

Reading:  Still on Another Day In The Death of America

Watching: House of Cards, season 5.  And um, Project Runway Allstars.

Looking forward to:  THE TRIP.  And the shopping trip tomorrow to get ready for the TRIP.

Planning:  Future blog posts.  I’m also making a list of all the things I’m going to eat on THE TRIP

Enjoying:  The sun.  Listening to Isla’s laugh.  Connecting to people offline and online.    Actually doing my writing/blogging/posting thing.  On schedule.

PS.  This post inspired by life, excitement, and Why Girls Are Weird.



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