1.  I am a flippant reader.  As soon as I read about a book that intrigues me, I MUST READ IT RIGHT NOW.  This leads to lots of piles.  Of books in various stages of readedness.  If a book grips me enough not to read anything else along  with it, that’s a GOOD THING.
  2. I usually have several books on the go.  A day book, a night book, a car book.
  3. Day books happen on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  4. Audiobooks happen on road-trips.
  5. I have a thing for debut authors.
  6. I am a kindle convert.
  7. Netgalley.  Kinda obsessed.
  8. I have these notions that I will finish all the books in any given series.  It never happens in real life.
  9. Go-to genres are literary fiction, mystery/thrillers and lately YA.
  10. Before you ask, I hated Gone Girl.
  11. Auto-buys are Paul Auster, Alice Hoffman, Anne Tyler, and Dave Eggers.
  12. Dysfunctional families are my beloveds.
  13. I like legal/crime non-fiction.
  14. And funny memoirs.
  15. But I no longer have time for depressing-yet-ultimately-uplifting or triumphing over any sort of adversity.  Go away.
  16. I like books about books.
  17. I read longer books in the winter.
  18. My reading snacks are coffee and popcorn.
  19. I used to prefer paperbacks to hardbacks, but these days I don’t care.
  20. I hate book jackets.
  21. I miss my bookgroups and want to join another.
  22. My book cases are triple-stacked.  And changing things up is like shopping.


    New and old books.  A recent shelf re-shuffle means a longer TBR list.

  23. If I have it, you can borrow it.
  24. But if you interrupt me in the last 30 pages, I will actually cut you.
  25. And sometimes, I read the last page first.  This does not make me a heathen.

What are your bookish things?  What are you reading?  And what do you think I should read?



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