As I write this, there are 290 days, 23 hours and 49 minutes to go until Sarge and I stick a hyphen between our last names.  Because this is an equal relationship.

We have been ‘trying to save money for the wedding’ since we got engaged.  Having said that, Sarge recently admitted he’d been carrying around Frodo Bob Ring-Box since before we went to New York, so maybe he’s been saving longer than that.

Without taking a screen-shot of the wedding fund, it’s safe to say there could always be more in there.

In order to cover the to-do list and throw a really good party because we’re only going to do this once, we have come to certain agreements.  Turns out they’re flexible.

No book-buying.  Unless it’s second-hand, for the book group, or a birthday.  This one is mostly for me.  Saying that, if Sarge didn’t collect his own books, we probably wouldn’t need to save for a wedding anyway.  We’ve discussed this.

No take-out.  Unless it’s once a month.  On a weekend.  This one is going pretty well.  This is also the cut-back that will ‘enhance the silhouette’ of my wedding dress.  Because it has one.  And I always thought the idea was not to enhance it.  But I’m wrong.  Apparently.  Go figure.

No movies.  Unless previously owned.  By us.  This one is really just Sarge’s ploy to get me to watch more of his John Waters collection.  Crafty bastard.

No cable TV.  We own, or have borrowed, quite a few series box-sets.  Currently working our way through Arrested Development, which will be followed by Dexter.

Cut down on non-zombie coffee made outside of the house.  This is also mostly mine.  And I’ve been failing at it.  But I may try this frappuccino recipe.

Piggy Bank

Piggy Bank (Photo credit: 401(K) 2012)

No gym memberships.  Sarge has taken his bike out of retirement and I can do laps.  Anywhere.  That also helps with the silhouette.

Do you have any fun money-saving tips?  Other than I should get a job?  Because I’ve been trying.  And really, that’s a money-making tip.  Not the same.  What we’re trying to do is enhance the silhouette of the money we already have.  Or something.   Because there’s only 290 days, 22 hours and 23 minutes to go now.

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