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Ragtag Daily Prompt

31st May 2018

Sometimes, however much we want to write, words are hard to come by. On days and weeks like this, I’ve been known to turn to writing prompts. It just so happens that the Daily Prompt from WordPress is shutting down. How inconvenient. But wait. I’ve found myself teamed up with a group of bloggers who plan to keep the daily prompts going. Check out this post from Curious Steph for more info and the list of prompters. You’ll notice I’m…

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Coffee Talk Sharing The Love

The One With The Award Nomination

6th April 2018

I’m excited, honoured and a little freaked out to announce the voting is open for The Annual Bloggers Bash Awards and Gin & Lemonade is up for Best Overall Blogger.   I don’t know who nominated me, but I will find you and I will tackle-hug you. I’ve been writing this blog for years, and it means a lot that I’m up for this award, with so many other great blogger friends. Voting is through this link, and it would…

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Coffee Talk Humor

More No Bullshit Blogging Advice

13th March 2018

I am not a blogging expert, I usually don’t blog about blogging.  I get my blogging advice from people who are smarter at blogging than I am. I just write personal essays/sarcastic listicles in a public forum and some people like them.  That’s groovy.  I thank you. In the spirit of not being a bullshit artist, you guys know I’ve been blogging since 2010. However.  That’s only 430 posts. I’ve had 3 day jobs, married one person, and made another…

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Sharing The Love

Let’s Hang Out

9th March 2018

Hello!  It’s downright Springy here today, and I thought it was time to do a kinda Friday Faves post here at Gin & Lemonade. Recentish blog finds include: Book journaling tools from the Modern Mrs Darcy – perfect for my fellow notebook-hoarders out there. The Epic Guide to Using Facebook Groups to Explode your Blog Traffic – Some new points and new-to -me groups. Sunday chat and cake over at Losing The Plot. Comparison – The Stealer of Joy Kick Arse…

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Coffee Talk

My Favourite Blogging Hangout

25th July 2017

I know I’ve been getting kinda good with the MWF schedule.  And Tuesdays are not on THE SCHEDULE.  I shall be adding ‘Be flexible’ to the list of 10 Things I’ve Learned In 7 Years of Blogging. And so, I just have to share that my favourite blogging group is currently sitting at 495 members, and I’ve heard there’ll be a party celebrating 500 members. Read this, and then go join the fun. The groovy people at BUYB have been…

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