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Right Now

Loving: How Isla says ‘Mammy’. And that her new word is ‘cookie’. And that now she says yes as well as no. Homemade hazelnut lattes. Being without my mobile phone. Reading: City On Fire, Garth Risk...

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A Path of Pebbles

29 February, 2012. 5.19 pm I left work to light some candles and change into a dress.  The same one I wore for the first party Sarge and I threw together. 5.40 CJ kindly spent the evening in the living room so my PA could set a...

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Who Dat?

This arrived today!  Perhaps because the story behind it was Freshly Pressed!  Thank you, WordPress and everyone who wished my passport safe travels! And the photo looks less like Marlon Brando than originally...

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A Noodle fell into my Coffee

I hit Publish on Tuesday’s post, and then had coffee and noodles, while sitting at my desk and dealing with more official stuff.  I was addressing envelopes and slurping my lunch when I looked up and noticed my post had been...

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