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11 Writing Prompts

19th November 2018

I’m a little late (power-outage and everything), but if you’ve been following along here are some tuneful posts to match the time warp writing prompt from last week. Ritu’s dancing post Deb’s Sunday stills. Marian’s secret time-warp Carol’s Old Junk Shop Susanne’s Pleasant Harbor  And John’s post on Rocky Horror Picture Show. See, I knew there would be a few Rocky Horror references. But much to my husband’s chagrin, I’ve never seen the movie. Possible Hallowe’en on Christmas tradition? If…

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Coffee Talk

Reading & Rambling

18th September 2018

And so, I’ve recently tried to blog more consistently. A wordy post here, a list post here. If you asked, I’d say I try to post something every other day, and by something, I mean something worth reading. I moved the writing prompt roundup to Monday this week, because Neil left for a city week on Sunday, and I knew I wouldn’t have time to put a post together on Sunday. Even list posts take me hours. And with Neil…

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Coffee Talk Writing

Coffee & Fall Vibes

9th September 2018

If we were having coffee, I’d say that when I set last week’s fall-inspired writing prompt, I was feeling particularly cozy. Coffee beside me, soft light from my lamp, boxed in by an old-fashioned filing cabinet. And I had my mountains-in-fall scene as my desktop wall paper.  So, fall writing prompt. And sepia because those are my favorite photos and my favorite people, minus a few newer ones. I was going to write new words and share them, or find…

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