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Fire, Wind and Wasps

And so, yesterday Neil’s toasting bagels. And then we smell something burning. And then I hear, ‘Babe, the toaster’s on fire.’ And I look up from my non-blog writing to see flames. Flames in the middle of...

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Is This Real Life?

I pride myself on the fact that I’m not really a Bridezilla.  I’ve been quite laid-back about this whole wedding thing, and actually more into the whole being married thing.  Bring that on. A few months ago, I did have a blip...

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Apparently, You Can Go Home Again

I haven’t had a lot of screen time recently.  This is what I’ve been doing while not staring at a computer screen: Collecting train tickets and using them as bookmarks. Eating pizza while watching my Dad attempt to...

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Weekend Wanderings

My weekend begins on Friday, so we’ll start there. I woke up and asked Sarge to make me a coffee. I did so nicely. ‘Can’t (the PA) do it?’ ‘She doesn’t make coffee,’ I said. ‘She pours water into ugliness.’ ‘Fair enough’, he...

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30 Days of Music: My Favourite Song

My quietude may be attributed to: A.  Getting old(er). 2.  Going gallivanting, and being out of range. iii. Getting a job.  I now work to make the world a more accessible place.  Yes, really. Or a mixture of all three.  Yes, I...

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